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Contrary to popular opinion, the evangelical Christian’s support for Israel is an outworking of social responsibility, under the basis of secular standards, such as international law and human rights. The popular opinion is that that the American evangelical’s “unconditional” support for Israel is a result of fundamentalist theology, which drives the group’s political alliance with the pro-Israel lobby. Its logical extension is that American foreign policy is partially held hostage by the religious beliefs of a certain voting bloc – commonly lumped together as the “Zionists,” or the “Christian Right” – who reason using religious beliefs at the cost of the greater good. Several assumptions implicit in this popular narrative will be challenged here, namely 1) Israel’s actions cannot be defended apart from resorting to religion, 2) The Bible calls for Christians to politically support Israel, and that 3) Evangelical Christians believe that their actions affect…

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Infuse your CSS with Sass and LESS

The WordPress.com Blog

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a handy tool to separate the presentation from the content of your website — you write the content, and the CSS controls the look and formatting. CSS is great for giving your website a custom look, but it can also become complicated to maintain.

The solution to this? CSS preprocessors.

(If you’re new to CSS, you might want to stop here and check out some CSS basics. If you’re already knee-deep in selectors, read on to learn how CSS preprocessors can streamline your styling.)

Example of LESS

CSS preprocessors are extensions to CSS that make it easier to manage your site’s styles. They have features like reusable variables, selector nesting, and functions, which allow you to easily reuse styles and apply them to different selectors. Put simply, a CSS preprocessor is like a friendly robot that automatically handles all of the copying and pasting you used to…

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Why is my English blog described as non-English on Technorati?

This is year long problem on Technorati. Some people faced this while claiming their blogs multiple time and others have in the first place (me too). After 11 months of whining on Getsatisfaction, an Employee just replied yesterday. I have just deleted the blog claim on  Technorati which was described as non-English blog. Now to reclaim the blog, composing the post.

If anybody has  bumped into here while searching for the solution, check at the Technorati’s support site at getsatisfaction.com URL: http://getsatisfaction.com/technorati and the specific thread is at http://getsatisfaction.com/technorati/topics/why_is_my_english_blog_described_as_non_english?

By the way, The company (Technorati) has acknowledged this problem. And after about 1 year, for the first time an employee has noticed this and cared to reply. I ain’t sure if her solution works or not. But definitely worth try! I will update you the outcome.



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Update: 19 Jan, 2011

Lots of people ask about the time usually it takes to complete an request (irrespective of acceptance or rejection). Well, The Technorati crawler crawled my post as soon as I requested for verification. Though I had to refresh the page to see the update. They says:

Jan 17, 2011. We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review. You may now remove the claim token from your feed.

Unfortunately, the status is the same for the last three days and they said It will be reviewed sequentially, they have lots of request in que. I will keep posting update here.

best-free-softwares-services-& management tips

This post is a alpha version of my all post’s index [kind of sitemap, lol 🙂 ]. So, I haven’t decided on the name of this post yet. As you can see, my posts consists of scientific management, tips & tricks, best free services & softwares- both for online and desktop….bla bla..blaa. Just check out!

01.Diable Aero & Vista features (Unnecessary windows utilities)

02.David McClelland’s achievment motivation needs theory

03.Transfer songs from ipod to pc & find/remove duplicate files

04.Bird named Robin

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06.Software Utilities,Tools & Services: Free & Best:

01. Box.net:

02. YouSendIt:

07.Big Five Personality Trait relevant to Organization

08.Best of 2008: Most popular names for Firefox addons

09.Personality Traits at Work:Management Implications

10.Desktop Customization Tools:

01. CCleaner

02. Folder Guide

03. RocketDock

11.Firefox Browser Addons:Locationbar 2 for Phishing Detection

12.Firefox Browser Tweak: Addons & Extensions

01: Adblock Plus

02: Screengrab

03: Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

13.Turnover Rate in BPO Industry: Cause & Effect

14.disks encryption and data security software:Free & Opensource-Truecrypt

15.Incremental Backup Service: Remote,Online & Free

16.Use any Website’s Search Option Right from Your Browser Address bar:

17.Reveal The Power of Google Advanced Search

18.Outsourcing in Bangladesh: Behind the Scene

19.Firefox address bar search engine- Yahoo to Google: how to change

20.HTML,XML,CSS books

Diable Aero & Vista features (Unnecessary windows utilities)

Windows 7 is already on the run. Microsoft Corp. has released its RC on May the 5th. May be its a bit late for this post but if you are planning on using Windows Vista for sometime, this may help. Besides, lots of features are still intact in Windows 7. Some of these features slow down graphics performance and some hog memory while they’re not supposed to. Fratures you can disable right now include: Sidebar, Aero, Remote Assistance, Internet Printing Client, Windows Meeting Space, Windows Ultimate Extras, Tablet PC Stuff, ReadyBoost, Search Indexing, Offline Files, Windows Error Reporting Service, User Account Control (UAC).
For today- Lets start with Aero:

How to disable Aero in Windows Vista:

Microsoft put a lot of Vista’s visual enhancements under one technological and marketing umbrella: Aero. Among those features are the thumbnails of your windows that appear when you hover the mouse pointer over the taskbar, as well as the Flip 3D view you get by pressing Windows-Tab. Aero adds a little practicality and a lot of panache to the Vista user interface, and personally, I like it.

If your PC is underpowered or overloaded, however, Aero may be more trouble than it’s worth. To turn it off, right-click the Windows desktop and select Personalize, Window Color and Appearance. In the resulting ‘Window Color and Appearance’ dialog box, click Open classic appearance properties for more color options (if you don’t see the option, that means Aero is already turned off). Select Windows Vista Basic and click OK.

Aero example

Aero example

Aero example-2

Aero example-2