Outsourcing in Bangladesh: Behind the Scene

  • What do They say –  People who have experience with Outsourcing in Bangladesh:

01. Your communication system is primitive.

02. Your downtime is too high.

03. English speaking people is rare there!

04. You people stop communicating when you they fail to meet deadline.

05. Internet speed of yours is very poor.

06. Excessive existence of  bureaucratic red tape in your country.

  • What do We say – People engaged in Outsourcing business in Bangladesh:

Communication System:

Due to the lack of farsightedness of our policymakers, we’ve suffered enough. Now we’ve  embarked onto the global information superhighway through SEA-ME-WE 4 submarine telecommunications cable linking South-East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4. The SMW-4 cable has a capacity to handle 120Gb bandwidth, of which Bangladesh currently subscribes to 14Gb, 95 times higher than the speed you’ve been known us. In the event of Submarine cable snapping, BTCL gives alternative satellite support for Telecom services while the Internet service providers (ISPs) give backup services using VSATs. So, we now use every possible medium of communication system to compete with you!


Not anymore! We’re now available 24/7/365 ! Fact is our first generation of ICT experts was handful. We’re now on third generation of ICT expertise. We’ve over 30,000 ICT professionals and 3000 new graduates are adding to the pull every year. People with whom you worked  in the past was familiar with ITES only if their educational background was purely IT. Now, our students get familiar with IETS at the Junior level school. And they shop and date online  like you!

English Language:

Honestly speaking, we are facing the problem of opposite extreme! One of our youngster generation can’t speak our native language due to their parents madly obsession about your language! They eat, sleep, drink & dream Hollywood. Due to the high volume of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)  and flourishing Tourism business here, almost every working class people speaks english. I personally saw a rickshaw pullar speaking to an US citizen two days ago at Mothijheel,Dhaka! So, stop steriotyping basing on our past performance. Atleast give us a try and skyrocket your ROI. We can create a win-win situation for both of us!

Failure to meet deadline:

The old ways of doing things is over. When you met us, we had a handful of resources and most of the business owners were off the track, not to mention, with seldom business management & administration knowledge. The days are gone! We now possess more than sufficient business management professionals. Besides, now more and more people with prior experience and global exposure are engaging in BPO & KPO business. So still you are free to ignore us only if you are really that much naive.

Internet Speed:

As mentioned earlier in the “communication system”, currently we are subscribed to 14GB capacity and GOB plans to increase it substantially within 2010. Cost was high though when we first connected to the submarine cable but again GOB has reduced the cost for bandwidth and recently tax has been reduced up to 40%! We know our speed isn’t sufficient yet compared to yours but believe me, we’ve achieved more than sufficient capability in these years and already providing services to people with business acumen of your countries. Our telecommunications watchdog BTRC earns $70,000 revenue per hour for providing the bandwidth to us; now imagine how much we are capable of earn for you!

Bureaucratic Red Tape:

A plausible explanation is “this bureaucratic crap” exists everywhere… even in your countries!  Goodnews is the bureaucratic generation trained in the colonial age  is almost retired! Its our time and we are the generation of global village. Our policymakers are now capable of ponder and respond to the demand of the modern world. Just check it if you have any doubt.

♦Now its upto you whether you believe or not. You can double check the progress if you wish or you can be naive enough to ignore the human capability! Best of luck and let me know if you have any query relating the issues I mentioned above.♦

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