Use any Website’s Search Option Right from Your Browser Address bar:

I’ve been using and enjoying Mozilla Firefox’s extensive customizable and personalization options from the first place. And now I can’t even imagine discard using Firefox! I’m really in deep shit when I’m forced to use other browser… and thats a nightmare for me, though that doesn’t happen in a while. I’m just talking about the worst case.

We all know the Firefox address bar’s default search capability using Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” search. Sometimes this default option is disrupted/changed by third party installations. Most common example is the Yahoo search! Sometimes people inadvertently change this default option and start whining. Well,  this problem has been addressed long before and if you haven’t find the solutions yet, you are among the unlucky one or the worst lazy one to google your problem. Well here’s your solutions if you still looking for it…..Firefox address bar search engine- Yahoo to Google: how to change posted by me.

Use the Firefox address bar to search within websites like the way you search into the sites search field:

Now come to the point. Actually this post is targeted to those user who are not satisfied with the usual way of doing things and prefers  keyboard over mouse click. You must know you can go to the active tab’s address bar directly by pressing Ctrl+L without even touching the mouse. Now suppose you want to search directly from your address bar without even going to the DMOZ site and avoid touching the mouse. Well, first you’ll have to configure a little. May be you search,,, etc. Follow the steps bellow for individual site:

  1. Go to the respective site and Right-Click on the site’s Search field… say,  go to
  2. Click on the “Add a Keyword  for this Search… “Add a Keyword for this Search Name this bookmark for your easy recognition.. say, “Delicious” in the Name: field.
  3. Add a keyword that can easily be remembered and typed conveniently… say, dl in the Keyword: field.Add Bookmark
  4. Select the folder where you want to create your bookmark in the Create in: field.
  5. Click on the Add tab to save the bookmark.
  6. You are done!!

Next time whenever you want to search anything in the , just press Ctrl+L to go to the address bar and type : “dl keyword” eg. “dl christmas”.

Piece of cake.. huh? You can add as many keyword search as you want! And you will never use the site’s search field ever again… atleast I never did!

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