Firefox Browser Tweak: Addons & Extensions

3. Firefox browser add-ons that Mozilla Foundation should have integrated long before..

3 of 24 free services/ Software to ease our life:

01: Adblock Plus v 1.0.1: At a point of time we all are irritated by the pesky online ads. Especially when it comes inadvertently in an awkward situation or time. Let me put this thing straight ahead– I just hate seeing adds on the pages, no matter when or where. Here comes the power of the browser tweaking, and you may already know— every smart guy uses Firefox as their primary browser and there’s thousands of Firefox browser addons and extensions out their to match our taste and need. The one stop solution for this irritating  pesky add problem for free is the inevitable add-ons: Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus automatically blocks  online ads based on source URL in Firefox .

Toolbar button

Adblock Plus Toolbar button

02: Screengrab v 0.95:I’ve taken thousands of Screenshot/PrintScreen and saved webpages just to have a bit of information or embeded image on the page. Its like using using Nuclear warhead to eradicate the mosquito! Well, the problem I faced is from an ancient time and the resolution has come in many form and style basing on people’s needs and online behavior. What met my need? Its obvious… Its Screengrab! (of curse only if you use Firefox as you webbrowser, its an Firefox addons)

Save webpage as Image

Screengrab: Save webpage as Image

Screengrab saves webpages  as images in .PNG or .JPEG format using Java or Gecko Canvas method. You have the option to save “Complete Page/Frame…” or the “Visible portion i.e. what you can see in the window “, or “Selection”. Fortunately you can save a image copy of the webpage or you can copy the image direct into the clipboard incase you are using any kind of editor. After installation, Screengrab menu is added to your browser’s  Context menu & you can save any page or portion/ frame just by right-clicking.

03: Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer v 2.6.0: Firefox has its own import export option for its bookmarks in the library management. But its not good when I’m away from my own computer but still need the bookmarks. There are several solutions addressing this issue but if you are still looking for the best option…. Its Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer!

foxmarks bookmark & password synchronizer

foxmarks bookmark & password synchronizer

It saves your bookmarks into its webserver securely & conveniently. All you need to do is setting up a foxmark profile or even you can make multiple profile for office, home etc. It’s dead simple to set up Foxmarks so that whenever you add a bookmark to your browser at work, the new addition will also automatically sync to your browser at home, and vice versa. For example, if you install Firefox on a new PC, you can install the add-on and give it your Foxmarks account information; and all of your usual bookmarks will be available  immediately. You can also log into to view and organize your saved bookmarks.

Want more? It does offer more ! If you use Firefox to remember your passwords, foxmarks can also backup and Syncronize your  passwords stored into Firefox. Password syncing works in much the same way-except, of course, that passwords are much more security-sensitive than bookmarks. For details on storing and encrypting passwords on foxmarks, read the article “Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer Firefox Extension” by Erik Larkin of

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