Firefox Browser Addons:Locationbar 2 for Phishing Detection

4. Firefox browser add-ons for phishing detection

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Locationbar2 Firefox extension:

Locationbar² 1.0.3 by Dao Gottwald: The most common phishing maneuver is the use of long and convoluted URLs  scrambled with a cluster of  symbols & characters that  start with what looks like a known site address, and effectively bury the actual domain. An example is:

deceiving URL

deceiving URL

In plain eyes, this URL may seem for the popular blog domain but the actual domain here is! Firefox extension Locationbar2 can solve your problem by highlighting the domain name in the web page URL and graying-out everything but the domain  to make it easy to spot in long Web site addresses. Example is:


defeat deceiving URL

Of course you can copy/cut/paste the URL from the addressbar. Actually the URL shows in normal color when you mouse hover on the addressbar/locationbar.

NOTE: My recommendation is you should use this addons whether you are a casual web surfer or an advanced one. Or you should at least give it a try!  Some users have complained that this extension doesn’t work with some theme. After installing Locationbar2, if that’s your case; try switching your browser theme. have fun.


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