Diable Aero & Vista features (Unnecessary windows utilities)

Windows 7 is already on the run. Microsoft Corp. has released its RC on May the 5th. May be its a bit late for this post but if you are planning on using Windows Vista for sometime, this may help. Besides, lots of features are still intact in Windows 7. Some of these features slow down graphics performance and some hog memory while they’re not supposed to. Fratures you can disable right now include: Sidebar, Aero, Remote Assistance, Internet Printing Client, Windows Meeting Space, Windows Ultimate Extras, Tablet PC Stuff, ReadyBoost, Search Indexing, Offline Files, Windows Error Reporting Service, User Account Control (UAC).
For today- Lets start with Aero:

How to disable Aero in Windows Vista:

Microsoft put a lot of Vista’s visual enhancements under one technological and marketing umbrella: Aero. Among those features are the thumbnails of your windows that appear when you hover the mouse pointer over the taskbar, as well as the Flip 3D view you get by pressing Windows-Tab. Aero adds a little practicality and a lot of panache to the Vista user interface, and personally, I like it.

If your PC is underpowered or overloaded, however, Aero may be more trouble than it’s worth. To turn it off, right-click the Windows desktop and select Personalize, Window Color and Appearance. In the resulting ‘Window Color and Appearance’ dialog box, click Open classic appearance properties for more color options (if you don’t see the option, that means Aero is already turned off). Select Windows Vista Basic and click OK.

Aero example

Aero example

Aero example-2

Aero example-2


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