About Hdzsroi

Disclosure: This is an alias blog with alias identity. Original author has almost abandoned this place and can be found on his personal web site.

The alias Hdzsroi was created on temporary basis when I joined an Internet Marketing Solutions company back in 2007 as an SEO apprentice . For testing and experimenting, I needed a throwaway id and that’s exactly what Hdzsroi is. Part is myth god and part is short domain name for the Internet Marketing Solutions company. So the experiment turned out to be an asset, you know all the efforts you put while trying and learning!

So, when I realized there’s no such thing on the web as throwaway, I stopped putting extra effort on Hdzsroi while it continued to serve me like an Open ID since there are hardly any web property where I haven’t registered with this.

There was a moment when I thought I would take down this blog to promote my original one. But I guess this one has some emotional value to me? Well, my biggest client (at that time) wanted me to use an English name and that’s how I chose a pen name with the id at a point of time. Then all the pretending and everything, I felt tired and gave up.

Here is the previous bio I used to use here and there. Over the time I noticed people even scraping this!  Lol… I guess some like the passive tone?

About Hdzsroi


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