Ultimate Fulfillment

Roland Peer, Christian Post

Contrary to popular opinion, the evangelical Christian’s support for Israel is an outworking of social responsibility, under the basis of secular standards, such as international law and human rights. The popular opinion is that that the American evangelical’s “unconditional” support for Israel is a result of fundamentalist theology, which drives the group’s political alliance with the pro-Israel lobby. Its logical extension is that American foreign policy is partially held hostage by the religious beliefs of a certain voting bloc – commonly lumped together as the “Zionists,” or the “Christian Right” – who reason using religious beliefs at the cost of the greater good. Several assumptions implicit in this popular narrative will be challenged here, namely 1) Israel’s actions cannot be defended apart from resorting to religion, 2) The Bible calls for Christians to politically support Israel, and that 3) Evangelical Christians believe that their actions affect…

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